We have all seen the very nice looking Batman inspired Kia Optima that Kia Motors created a few weeks ago. However, Kia decided to create a whole Justice League of Kia models to introduce at this year’s SEMA Auto Show.

The picture above show the Flash inspired Kia Forte Koupe. The Green Lantern was honored with a Kia Soul, the not well known Cyborg gets a Kia Forte Five-Door and Aquaman will be cruising around in a Kia Rio.

The great part about these action fighting vehicles is that they will all be auctioned off at the conclusion of the SEMA show this week and the proceeds will go to helping feed hungry families in Africa.

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A new NBA season kicks off tonight and Kia has teamed up with superstar Blake Griffin once again to advertise the popular Kia Optima.

In this installment of ads Blake uses the new Kia Optima to travel back in time to talk to himself as a young boy. I won’t ruin any of the funny parts so go ahead and watch the two commercials below.

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Nothing has been set in stone, but sources say that Kia Motors plans on rolling out it’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) in 2014. The car of choice? The wildly popular Kia Soul.

The 2014 Kia Soul is still in the testing stages now, but Kia is planning to add an all-electric model to the hatchback’s lineup. I wonder how the Kia Hamsters will take the news of the Soul going Electric.

The non-electric 2014 Soul will likely make its debut early in 2013; either at the Chicago or New York Auto Show. The Soul has been Kia’s leading car, in sales and marketing, outside the Optima.

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Kia Motors enters the exclusive list of the ‘Top 100 Best Global Brands,’ according to the 2012 study released recently by Interbrand, the world’s largest brand consultancy agency.

Kia’s increase in brand value is now estimated to be over $4 billion, which puts the automaker at 87th place on the ‘Top 100 Best Global Brands’ list. Kia has made strides in product quality, design and innovative marketing over the years. This has helped the brand make such a huge leap.

The VP of Kia Motors, Claire Chai said, “Entering the ‘Top 100 Best Global Brands’ validates Kia’s commitment to continuously provide exciting and inspiring brand experiences. And it’s amazing to see what we can accomplish by staying true to who we are – a young and dynamic challenger that goes beyond expectations.”

You can see the entire list of Best Global Brands here: http://www.interbrand.com/en/best-global-brands/2012/Best-Global-Brands-2012-Brand-View.aspx

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The new Kia K9 luxury sedan will be named Quoris for markets outside of South Korea when it goes on sale in this Fall in select countries.

“Quoris as premium cars have some of the most advanced active safety features never before seen in the Kia range of vehicles such as Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC)” said Chang-Ki Kang,Senior Vice President Kia R & D Center.

The Quoris boasts world-class design, driving performance and cutting edge technology. It’s sophisticated and bold profile with simple yet strong character line and high-tech rear LED combination lamps, luxurious chrome garnish and bumper-integrated muffler complete the Quoris’ luxurious exterior.

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The Kia Hamsters have returned for yet another advertisement to show off the 2013 Kia Soul. We have seen some pretty odd scenes from the Hamsters thus far, but this new commercial might be the cake topper.

The ad is set in an 18th-century opera house and takes place during a ballet. Thats all I will give away. You can watch the commercial below. Keep in mind that these lovable Hamster have helped Kia increase its sales by 78 percent since 2008.

Check out the video for yourself below. The 2013 Kia Soul starts at $14,400.


The new Kia cee’d which made its debut in the UK in 2012, placed first in the exterior category and also received an honorary mention for innovation in the interior category.

Adding to the awards Kia won that night was the Kia GT; it went home as the winner of the concept award.

Kia’s award winners are key models for the brand’s future.  The second generation of the cee’d, Kia’s best-selling model in Europe, features a sporty coupe like styling  but offers the space and functionality of a five-door hatch.  And lets not forget that all Kia cars are backed by Kia’s industry-leading seven year  warranty.

Kia’s Popular Urban Cruiser is Number One Among Cars Less Than $16,000.

The award-winning Kia Soul has the spotlight on it once again, this time for being named as this year’s #1 vehicle on the “10 Best Back-to-School Cars in 2012″ list by Kelley Blue Book.

Noticed for its exceptional value, reliability and style, the Soul is an eye-catching and affordable way for students to get to class when school starts up this fall. The funky urban passenger vehicle also was praised for its roomy interior, responsive powertrain and frugal fuel economy.

“The Soul being named to the top spot on the ’10 Best Back-To-School Cars of 2012′ list by Kelley Blue Book’s KBB.com shows just how relevant the Kia brand has become with the younger consumer,” said Michael Sprague, executive vice president of marketing for Kia Motors.

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